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US Army Browning 50 Cal Manual, 1968, print date on last page states 1970, over 200 pages, new  $14.00

Browning M2HB 50 Cal, Barrel, NEW    **2 here       $800 each


Browning M2HB 50 Cal, Barrel, Stellite lined, NEW           $1200


Browning M2HB 50 Cal, Carry Handle for Barrel, good condition.    **2 here       $45


Browning M2HB 50 Cal, one side of wire for Carry Handle for Barrel, good condition.    **1 here       $10


Browning M2HB 50 Cal, original Flash Hider, with screws, nuts and rings, excellent cond.   **one here         $75


Browning M2HB 50 Cal, Bolt, stripped, good condition.   **2 here             $300 each


Browning M2HB 50 Cal, Replacement shank for barrel extension, new     **1 here             $40


Browning M2HB 50 Cal, accelerator, very good   **one here                   $40


Browning M2HB 50 Cal, T and E for tripod, new  **1 here           $225 


Browning M3 50 Cal, Barrel Extension, excellent     **one here              $350


Browning M3 50 Cal, Top Cover, does not include feed mechanism, new              $300


Long Range Scope Mount, has four settings to change incline of mount and scope, which allows the scope internal adjustments to still function at long distances.  Mounts onto standard picatinny rail and the top accepts picatinny rings or mounts.  $200 Click here for PDF file of instructions for mount: PDF of scope instructions

Israeli 7.62 NATO (308 Win) Browning 1919 machine gun barrel, original military barrel, new $85 each

Browning 1919 links, new              $9 per 100, $40 per 500

Original USGI early 30 cal ammo can.              $45 each, only 4 here

Stg57 Cleaning Kit, excellent   $14

BREN Mk3 flashhider with front sight, gas regulator and carry handle.  Limited quantity.  $265 per set


BREN L4 Carry Handle, 2 available.  Handle on left $145          Handle on right $160


BREN L4 Gas Cylinder, new.  2 in stock,  $150 each


BREN L4 Extractor, new.  2 in stock,  $20 each


BREN L4 Flash Hider with Front Sight and Sight Hood.  $190


BREN L4 Rear Sight with pin and leaf spring, new              $150


BREN L4 barrel ring, bipod sleeve, new   $75


BREN L4 ejector block new $275


BREN buttstock hardware, includes items in photo, new. $160


BREN MK III / BREN L4A4 wood butt with hardware shown in below photo.  All parts are new, only one set in stock.  $300


30 round BREN L4 7.62 NATO (308 win) mag.  Will work in L1A1 without modification.  Will work in FNFAL by modifying the forward lug on the mag.  Very limited quantity.  Original British mags.  Good to very good condition.  $85

M60 Buttstock, excellent, only one here   $190


Uzi SMG original sling, excellent                                                  $10

Uzi SMG mag loader, new  **only 3 here                                                 $5

Argentine FMK Submachine Gun Parts Set, with one magazine and original barrel, 9mm, all parts in photo are included.

The Finish Submachine Gun Suomi M/31 by Michael Heidler

Direct from Germany, hard cover book, signed by the author!

The "9.00 konepistooli M / 31", usually just called affectionately "Suomi", is the most well-known Finnish weapon of World War II. It still stands for outstanding quality and precision. And they taught the Russian invaders fear.  This book will give an insight into the history of this extraordinary weapon, from its development via the manufacturing through to its use in Winter War (1939 1940), Continuation War (1941 1944) and finally in Lapland War (1944 1945). It also describes the lesser known variations like the bunker- and tank-Suomi, the magazines and the accessories.  The majority of the wartime photos used in this book were never published.  English and German language in the same book.  96 pages with 270 illustrations.  $42

Finnish Suomi M31 submachine gun parts kit with one magazine and original barrel, 9mm, all parts in photo are included. Overall condition is excellent - like new.


Finnish Suomi M31 submachine gun mag loader for coffin mag or sten mag.  **only 2 here


PPs-43 submachine gun parts kit, 7.62x25mm Soviet cal. All parts in photo are included. Overall condition is excellent - like new, includes original barrel with like new bore and one 35rd magazine.  Extra PPS43 magazines $20 each.

PPS43 magazine, original, excellent condition, same as in above kit photo.



PPS43 Trunnion with bracket and rivets, new

Trunnion with bracket, trunnion rivet and two small rivets $63

Trunnion only $47

Large trunnion rivet only $8

Bracket only $12

PPS43 rivet set with hinge pin.  Includes all the above trunnion rivets, the additional small rivets needed and a special removable hinge pin(please specify if the hinge pin is for an existing semi-auto firearm or a new build, there are two lengths available). New  Complete set $22

Hinge pin only, new $10 each (specify if the hinge pin is for an existing semi-auto firearm or a new build, there are two lengths available)

PPS-43 or PPSH-41 cleaning rod, new  only 1 here


PPSH41 magazine new, only one here

PPSH-41 sear with spring and pin, excellent, original, only 18 here.

PPSH-41 disconnector, excellent, original, only 9 here.

Sterling cocking handle, original, good condition   4 in stock


Sterling ejector, original,  new  10 here


Sterling ejector set screw, original, new   5 here


Sterling extractor, original, new  21 in stock


Sterling side grip pin, original, new  200 in stock


Sterling bottom grip screw, original, new   11 in stock


Sterling mag release, original, excellent condition   4 in stock


Sterling Rear Sight Aperture, original, new   20 in stock


Sterling submachinegun magazine, new in paper wrapper.  Original Sterling manufactured magazine.  Top magazine in photo.  Limited quantity.


Czech Scorpion spare parts set, as in photo.  2 sets in stock


Sten SMG Manual.  Carbine Machine Sten 9mm. Mk.II.  Reprint of manual dated Feb. 1942.  16 pages, text and pictures with descriptions of the guns parts.  Covers stripping, operation, assembly and disassembly.  Mk II is similar to the Mk 3.


STEN MK3 submachine gun kit with rare bronze bolt,  T stock version, may have slight saw cut in upper area of trigger housing, excellent condition.  All parts are included except the receiver tube.  Original barrel is included.  Mag is not included.  Last of the Stens with original barrels!    ***Only 5 kits here

Sten mags are $21.00 each.


STEN mag, 32 round, original military mag, very good condition


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