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Machine Gun Parts, Barrels, Mags and Related Items

US Army Browning 50 Cal Manual, 1968, print date on last page states 1970, over 200 pages, new  $14.00

Long Range Scope Mount, has four settings to change incline of mount and scope, which allows the scope internal adjustments to still function at long distances.  Mounts onto standard picatinny rail and the top accepts picatinny rings or mounts.  $175 Click here for PDF file of instructions for mount: PDF of scope instructions

Browning 1919 machine gun barrel, 7.62 NATO, Israeli mfg. military barrel, new in original Israeli wrapper. $160 each


Stg57 Cleaning Kit, excellent   $12


BREN Manual.  Original, Irish, Gaelic language.  Your choice of new or some are slightly used with ink stamp on cover(see photo).  $20 each, only 9 in stock.


BREN Mk3 flashhider with front sight, gas regulator and carry handle.  Limited quantity.  $130 per set


30 round BREN MK3 303 cal. 30 round mag.  The best and most reliable of all the 303 cal mags, the MK3 version has an improved spring and lip.  Wartime experience led to the improvements and the mags were manufactured approximately 1953 at Enfield England.  Each mag has MKlll stamped into the lower left corner, on the left side of the mag.  Very good condition.  $12 each, only 20 available


BREN buttstock hardware, includes items in photo, new. Fits Bren 303 or L4.  Only 2 sets here.  $120 per set


BREN Carry Handle.  $50


BREN L4 Gas Cylinder, new.  2 in stock,  $70 each


BREN L4 Flash Hider with Front Sight and Sight Hood.  $95


BREN L4 Rear Sight with pin and leaf spring, new              $95


BREN L4 barrel ring, bipod sleeve, new   $45


BREN L4 ejector block new $125


Vickers Machine Gun Dial Sight Part, only one here.  $100


Vickers Machine Gun lock gib, various markings, new $6 each or 10 for $50

Vickers Machine Gun feed pawl, original.  $7 each or 10 for $60


Vickers Machine Gun, crank handle fixing pin with threaded end and screw head.  Original, excellent condition.  $6 each or 10 for $50


Submachine Gun Kits, Parts, Mags and Accessories

Argentine FMK SMG kit, includes original barrel and one original mag.

Czech Scorpion spare parts set, as in photo.  **only 1 set in stock

PPS43 rivet set with hinge pin.  Includes all the above trunnion rivets, the additional small rivets needed and a special removable hinge pin (the removable hinge pin is the correct length for kit builds or original full auto receivers, it is not long enough for the multilayered semi auto receivers on Pioneer or other similar guns).

Complete rivet set with hinge pin $22  (barrel pin is $10 extra, fits into the notch in barrel)

Small rivets 50 cents each

Large silver trunnion rivet  $8 each

Hinge pin with screw $10

PPS43 Barrel Pin, goes vertically through receiver and fits into notch in the barrel.  New   $10


PPSH-41 sear with spring and pin, excellent, original, only 15 here.

PPSH-41 disconnector, excellent, original, only 6 here.


SA 80, British assault rifle, Railed Handguard, one in stock $250


SA80 Handguard, 4 in stock.  $120 each


SA80 Charging Handle, original, new  $30


SA80 Top Cover, original, new, only two here.   $70


SA80 Carry Handle with rear sight, only 1 here.  Right side of pic.  $140

Enfield No.5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet, also fits Sterling SMG.  Very very rare.  $280, only one here

Sterling Change Lever (Selector) new  **4 here



Sterling Detent Pin Spring, new


Sterling ejector, new


Sterling Extractor Plunger and Spring new



Sterling side grip pin, original, new  180 in stock

$5 each or 10 for $40

Sterling bottom grip screw, original, new   2 in stock


Sterling pistol grip, used   5 in stock



Sterling Rear Sight Aperture, original, new   18 in stock


Sterling Reinforcing Plate for Buttstock, new  **only 3 in stock


Sten SMG Manual.  Carbine Machine Sten 9mm. Mk.II.  Reprint of manual dated Feb. 1942.  16 pages, text and pictures with descriptions of the guns parts.  Covers stripping, operation, assembly and disassembly.  Mk II is similar to the Mk 3.


STEN mag, original military mag.  Some rust spots, will function fine.  **only 4 here



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