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M14 Parts, Mags and Accessories (Please call if you need an item not listed)

Smith Enterprises M14 extended bolt stop.  A must for high stress or cold weather applications. Standard issue on USN & USAF MK14's and US Army M14SE's.  Manufactured to USGI specifications, heat treated, carburized 8620 steel, black phosphated, includes pin, new


M14 buttstock, USGI, wood, with front swivel and metal liner, very good condition  **only 4 here, pics are both sides, buttplates available, extra charge


M14 buttstock, USGI, fiberglass, with front swivel, very good condition **only 1



M14 buttstock, USGI, fiberglass, with front swivel, excellent condition  **only 1



M14 butt swivel, USGI, excellent


M14 buttplate, USGI, very good to excellent  **only a few


M14 buttplate/swivel screw, USGI, new  


M14 Flash hider set screw, USGI, new


Smith Enterprises M14 Gas Cylinder.  New, precision machined in USA, made to exact USGI specifications, forged and heat-treated 416 stainless steel.  **only a few


M14 hammer pin, USGI, new


M14 hammer spring, USGI, new



M14 hammer spring housing, USGI, new



M14 hammer spring plunger, USGI



M14 safety spring, USGI, new



M14 safety, made in USA, marked WCS, new



M14 trigger and sear assembly, USGI, new



Original M14 trigger housing, USGI, with internals except no hammer and no trigger guard.  Includes USGI trigger, USGI sear, USGI mag release, current US production safety, USGI safety spring, USGI hammer spring with plunger and USGI hammer spring tube, etc. new  **only a couple here



M14 trigger pin, USGI, new


M14 operating rod spring/recoil spring, USGI, new


M14 spindle valve spring, USGI, new


M14 sling, original USGI nylon sling with metal clip and slider/adjuster, good condition



M1 Carbine Parts and Accessories

M1 Carbine extractor, USGI, new


M1 Carbine firing pin, USGI, new


M1 Carbine recoil spring guide tube, new


M1 Carbine oiler, new

photo soon


M1 Carbine sling, original USGI sling, cottom webbing, excellent

photo soon




M1 Garand Parts and Accessories

M1 Garand hammer pin, USGI, new


M1 Garand trigger pin, USGI, new


M1 Garand sling, original USGI sling with metal clip on end and adjustable slider, excellent

photo soon


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