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AK Kits


Romanian AK kit, for stamped receiver, includes original Romanian chromelined barrel with all barrel parts and trunnion still attached to barrel.  Serial numbers match on trunnion, bolt, bolt carrier, and top cover.  Condition is new unfired, bore is new.  Very limited quantity.  $600.00

Above rifle built from Romanian kit, lower handguard modified by removing vertical grip.


Polish AK Underfolder Kit, for stamped receiver, 7.62 x 39mm, includes all parts and items in photo, no barrel.  Includes accessories and mag.  Excellent condition. $385.00


Polish AK Kit with Laminated Wood Furniture, for stamped receiver, 7.62 x 39mm, includes all parts and items in photo, no barrel.  Includes cleaning kit and mag. Very good.  $310.00


Hungarian AMD65 kit for stamped receiver. No barrel.  Includes sling, oil bottle and mag.  Plastic grips or wood grips, please specify when ordering.  $310.00



Bulgarian AK Kit from Milled Receiver Gun, Synthetic Furniture,  7.62 x 39mm, NO MAG,  no barrel included  $215.00


Bulgarian AK Kit from Milled Receiver Gun, Underfolding Stock,  7.62 x 39mm, NO Mag,  no barrel included  $235.00


Bulgarian AK74 Kit, 5.45 x 39mm, without barrel, wood furniture, includes all parts which are attached to the barrel as in the below photo, No mag included.  $300.00  (color of wood furniture may vary from photo, parts have been removed from barrel sections and receiver pieces have been removed)


See the Links Page for Receivers, Builders and Refinishing



  Tools for the AK


AK Drill Fixture.  Holds receiver and allows locating of hole location.  For front and rear trunnion.  $55.00


AK Trunnion Support Plate.  For positioning and supporting trunnion while pressing barrel pin.  $22.00


AK Barrel Pin Tool for 1 inch press ram end.  $24.00

AK Barrel Pin Tool for 2 inch press ram end.  $27.00

New Barrel  retaining pins available for various versions of AKs, $6.00 each


AK Mags, Accessories, Furniture, US Made Parts and Original Parts

Polish Steel AK47 30rd mag, new   

$20.00 each

Polish Steel AK47 30rd. mag, very good   


$15.00 each

AK47 7.62 x 39mm 75 rd. drum, Eastern European     **only 2 in stock   

$130.00 each

Galil mag, steel, original military mag, 35 rounds, new  **only 8 here


$34.00 each

Pouch for 75 round or smaller AK drum, excellent.  **only 3 in stock



Polish mag pouch, holds 3 mags, thick canvas, excellent  



East German mag pouch, holds 4 mags, new  **only one here


Polish AK sling, has metal clip and metal buckle, missing the small leather loop, only a few


Polish AK bayonet with scabbard, fits all AKs except the very early ones  $23.00 each

Yugo AK bayonet, fits all AKs except the very early ones, black scabbard and grip, leather included but not in pic, new  $23.00 each

Chinese SKS Sling, will work on AK, green web with leather loop on each end, new  $10.00 **only 5 here

AK single chamber oil bottle, metal


Polish AK double chamber oil bottle, metal


Bulgarian AK74 cleaning/tool kit


Bulgarian AK74 mag loader, new


Hungarian AK sidefolding stock.  Includes trunnion with push button.  Very good condition.  Same type stock as in AMD kit photo above.  Approx 5 in stock


East German synthetic upper handguard with gas tube and lower handguard, pistol grip, and synthetic buttstock which is missing buttplate. New, only 1 set here


East German synthetic upper handguard without gas tube, with lower handguard, pistol grip and East German side folding buttstock. New, only 2 sets here


AMD lower steel ventilated handguard, original, with plastic pistol grip included


 Yugo M92 Krinkov wood handguard, upper and lower, with ferrule and hanger, new.  **only one here


 Polish AK sidefolding stock, grip, and handguards set, new


Original R4 South African Galil butt, missing rubber pad, excellent condition.  **only one


AK US made buttstock, original style, by Tapco, black, new. Includes metal buttplate and swivel.


AK US made pistol grip, new.  Black (one in stock) or green (3 in stock)


US made AK wood pistol grip, copy of the Yugo preban grip, new. 


Short screw for attaching AMD plastic grip


AK barrel pins, retain the barrel to the front trunnion.  Available in standard diameter and over size diameter for standard AKs and Yugo AKs.  Please specify when ordering.



AK Pistol grip screw and T nut, new


Tapco premium AK US made gas piston, new.  Stainless steel.  Shorter length for the AMD.  **Only 2 here, out of production


Original AK slant brake, freshly parkerized like new 


Original East German AK74 blank firing adapter, silver, new   *only 3 here



AK Night Vision Flashhider.  Exact duplicate of original Eastern Europe flash hider.  Made in USA, counts as one compliance part.  $OUT of stock, couple months

Hungarian AMD handguard hanger, gas block and complete front sight.  Barrel section still attached.  **only one here 


Hungarian AMD muzzle brake, original 


AK sight post, excellent 


AK front sight base, excellent 


AK semi auto disconnector, type which uses sleeve/tube around trigger pin, tubes not here 


AK semi auto disconnector, type which uses standard pin 


AK original hammer, excellent 


AK original rate reducer, excellent 


AMD cleaning rod 


Above customer built rifles were built from GunThings.com kits to represent battlefield pickups.

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