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Tools To Build AKs


AK Support Plate for pressing barrel pin in or out, use with our AK Barrel Pin Tool.  Specify standard AKM or Yugo.  $21


AK Barrel Pin Tool for 1 inch press ram end.  $22

AK Barrel Pin Tool for 1.25 inch press ram end.  $27

AK Barrel Pin Tool for 1.5 inch press ram end.  $28

New Barrel retaining pins available for various AKs, Yugo length, standard length, oversize diameter and standard diameter, $6 each


AK Mags, Accessories, Furniture, US Made Parts and Original Parts

Polish mag pouch, holds 3 mags, thick canvas, used condition, approx 4 here



Polish AK sling, has metal clip and metal buckle, missing the small leather loop, only a few


Yugo AK bayonet, black scabbard and grip, very good  **1 in stock $23

Chinese SKS Bayonet with spring, new, only 4 here, $10 each

AK East German Cleaning Kit, Tobacco Can Version.  Includes items in photo, brushes, oil bottle, cloth, can, etc.


AK single chamber oil bottle, metal


Bulgarian AK74 cleaning/tool kit, metal tube with cap, brush and small tools.

$4 each or 10 for $30

Hungarian AMD AK sidefolding stock with rear trunnion.  Push button on trunnion for releasing stock to fold.  Very good condition.  Approx 8 in stock


East German synthetic upper handguard, new   **only one


East German synthetic upper handguard, new(lightly sanded to dull shine)   **only one


 Polish AK sidefolding stock, grip, and handguards set, new


Yugoslavian AK Buttstock Bolt and Nut, new.  Made in USA quality reproductions, parkerized steel.                Stock bolt $9        Nut $9

AK US made wood pistol grip, new.   **6 here


AK US made pistol grip, new, green (3 in stock, Tapco)


AK Pistol grip steel screw and aluminum T nut, new   $8

AK T nut only, aluminum, made in USA, only a few here. $5 each

AK Type 1 grip screw, new  **only 2 in stock


Short screw for attaching AMD plastic grip


AK barrel pins, retain the barrel to the front trunnion.  Available in standard diameter and over size diameter for standard AKs and Yugo AKs.  Please specify when ordering.



AK bolt complete, with firing pin and extractor, Hungarian, approx 5 in stock


Chinese Type 56 AK spare parts set. Extractor, firing pin, ejector with spring and pin, return spring with one half of guide and keeper.


AK Builder 1 mm center support with rivet, new



Smith Enterprise Vortex Flash Eliminator
Heat treated steel, parkerized, patented design.  Compatible with SEI Direct Connect (DC) Sound Suppressor.  $55.00 for M16/AR15/M4   $70.00 for AK47.   $75 for AK74     ***limited quantity

Click here to see the videos of this incredible flash hider in action:

                  Click for Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider Video 1

                  Click for Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider Video 2

AK Builder US Made AK slant brake, new 


Original AK slant brake, freshly parkerized like new 


Original East German AK74 blank firing adapter, silver, new   **one here


Hungarian AMD muzzle brake, original 


AK sight post, excellent 


AK front sight base, Romanian or similar, only 2 here, excellent 


AK semi auto disconnector, type which uses sleeve/tube around trigger pin, tubes not here 


AK semi auto disconnector, type which uses standard diameter pin, Romanian, like new 


AK original hammer, excellent 


AK original rate reducer, excellent 


AMD 65 gas tube (this is the short tube) 2 in stock


AK Rear trunnion for fixed stock.  New  *only 2 here


Above customer built rifles were built from GunThings.com kits to represent battlefield pickups.

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