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Infuriate an antigunner today, wear your FNFAL shirt with pride!  $15 each

Green or Grey shirt, black image on back, with small image of rifle on left front, size M

Green shirt, black image on front, sizes L, XL, XXL

Grey shirt, black image on front, sizes L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Black shirt with grey image on front, sizes M, XXXL

Belgian Army FNFAL training rifle.  Original from Belgium, ID plate on stock.  Cocks, trigger, hammer and safety functions.  Made from metal, barrel is wood, 60 inches long.  Only one available.  Rifle is in Britain.  Contact Doug in Britain at 447438554972 or email Jane at jane@focal.co.uk and mention Doug's training rifle.  $1100 not including shipping to USA. 

FAL pistol grip cleaning kit housing, with pull through and built in oiler.  Original military part, very good condition.  Includes pull through bore cleaner with brush, oiler cap and end cap.  Locking spring on bottom snaps into notch in your pistol grip.  If your grip is not notched, this can easily be done with a dremel tool.


Swiss Stg57 Cleaning Kit, excellent condition.  This kit is for the Swiss assault rifle, but will work to clean an FNFAL or L1A1.


FNFAL and L1A1 Buttstock removal and installation tool.  Inside the return spring tube (attached to the rear of the lower receiver) there are two powerful springs held in place by the large hollow bolt which retains the buttstock on the tube.  This tool facilitates the removal and installation of that bolt and the two springs, by entering inside the hollow bolt to keep the springs aligned on the tool rod while you slowly release the spring pressure by easing it out of the tube.  Please use caution and wear eye protection!  Made in Iowa. Steel rod threaded into steel handle.


Just came in!  New and improved version of our popular tool.  FAL gas system and sight tool, made in USA, new.  The gas system end of tool adjusts the gas regulator on FAL and L1A1 rifles, and can be used to remove and install the gas tube nut which retains the gas tube on the receiver.  The sight adjustment end of the tool fits FAL sight posts which have the hole on each side of the post, which is the most common metric FAL post.


Sight Post Adjusting Tool for Israeli or early Argentine sight posts, Original Israeli tool, new


Israeli mag pouch, holds two 20rd mags, thick heavy duty canvas with loop and metal hooks on back.  Near new with nice Hebrew marking and date $15, Very good, faded marking $11, Used pouch, no markings $8.

Israeli cleaning kit box, molded plastic, Original Israeli


Original L1A1 combo tool.  Adjusts sights, holds cleaning brush, adjusts gas reg, etc.


308 Win. Headspace gages for assembling FNFAL and L1A1 rifles.  Made in USA by Forster.  Pair of gages, includes SAAMI spec go gage and no go gage.  For detailed information on headspacing, please consult the Gunplumber's Workbook listed below.  It includes a very detailed description of how to assemble and headspace the rifle.  Locking shoulders, which control the amount of headspace, are listed on our FNFAL Upper Receiver Parts webpage. 


Gage pins for determining locking shoulder size on FNFAL and L1A1 rifles.  A set of 10 precision US made Vermont Gage gage pins in sizes .253, .256, .258, .260, .262, .264, .266, .268, .270, .273. The pins are 2 inches long, which makes them very easy to use. For more detailed information on headspacing, please consult the Gunplumber's Workbook listed below.  It includes a very detailed description of how to assemble and headspace the rifle.  Locking shoulders, which control the amount of headspace, are $33.00 each and usually in stock in all sizes.  


FNFAL and L1A1 Barrel Vise.  After clamping the barrel in the barrel vise, the barrel vise is held in a bench vise.  Lead vise blocks retained by U channel welded to thick plate.  The lead compresses against the barrel and facilitates an exacting clamp to hold the barrel, under even the most difficult situations such as removing old barrels from original receivers.  The perfect tool to install barrels on receivers and remove old receiver stubs from kits.  For additional grip, powdered rosin can be lightly sprinkled on the blocks before clamping the barrel.  The lead can be filed to match the shape of your barrel chamber contour.  Thoroughly degrease the barrel with laquer thinner prior to clamping, to ensure maximum grip.  Can also be used on non-FAL/L1A1 barrels.  Made in Iowa.

FAL/L1A1 Timing Rods for Barrel Indexing.  One rod attaches temporarily to the receiver, the second rod threads into the sight post hole.  Torque in barrel, rotate barrel until both rods are parallel.  When parallel, the gas block and sight post will be oriented correctly to the receiver.  The sight post rod is threaded on one end for FNFAL gas blocks, the other end is threaded for L1A1, early FN, tall Argentine and Israeli gas blocks.  Made in Minnesota.

The FN FAL Primer, The Collector's Guide to the FAL and SLR Rifles

By Tyroler & Adams, 2018, 10x8 inches, hardbound, 235 pages, 1200 color images!!!   $110, discounted price due to cover not being glued to binder  Media rate US mail $6.

Contents (typically 2 pages per topic, although some topics are longer as mentioned below):

Major Assemblies, Headspacing, Inch or Metric?, Upper receivers Type I, II, III, Inch, The Para, Selector Markings, Type A, B, C and Inch lower, stocks, PG. Safety Sear: Is my FAL automatic or not?, The Road to the FAL, Commonwealth Trials Rifles, T48 (6 pg)
Belgium, BGS a, af, BGS b, BGS c, G1 (4 pg), StG58 (4 pg), ID: BGS vs G1 vs StG58, Dutch. Israel (4pg), SA R1, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe (4pg)
Brazil, Argentina's FMAP (6 pg), Other metric adopters, Commonwealth breaks away. Canada (4pg), UK SLR (4pg), Australia SLR (6pg)
UK or Australian?. NZ and PNG, HB: C2 and L2 X series F2A2, India's 1A1, Flooding the US market, G Series, Competition , 50.xx Series
Rogak & Devco, Browning, Steyr, Gun South, Howco, Katsenes, Springfield Armory (6pg), Argentine FMAP imports, Armscorp (4pg)
SAC Latta, Bello, National Arms. Onyx and SBL,m Poyer, Eden, Onyx, Century butthole, IMBEL, Century G1, R1A1, L1A1, etc, DSA (4pg)
Entreprise, Coonan and FAC, DPMS, Olypic, Le France, Alumibomb, ARS, Bobcat, Hesse, ORF, Caspian & Sub-cal, Grey market Century LEO L1A1, Lugged barrel ID, Buttstocks- wood (7pg), Synthetic buttstocks 4pg), Metric HG (9pg), Muzzle devices, BFAs, Grenade sights &, launchers. OIP ABL 58, G1 Hensoldt, OIP 3,6, ZF4, Fero Z24, FN 4x, KRR, Argie STANAG, Canada's Leitz, SUIT, Single Point, Armson OEG, other, Bayonet types, Model A bayonets, Model B bayonets, Model C bayonets, Commonwealth bayonets, India & Turkey bayonets, Mag pouches, Armorer's and cleaning kits (4pg), Sub-cal conversion kits (factory), Accessories & Oddballs, Stamps, markings, engravings & other identifiers (12pg), Legal imbroglio, Closes with three full page photos.

Lithgow! Australia's Self Loading Rifle 

120 pages
almost 300 color images
Hardbound Image Wrap


Discounted price of $60 due to small cosmetic indentation on binder or bumped corner on cover. Postage by US Postal media mail $5. **Very limited quatity available.

Released April 2020, Lithgow! Australia's Self Loading Rifle is an incredible new reference volume focused on the unique rifles held in the Lithgow (Australia) Small Arms Factory Museum. An absolute must for FALnatics, Fabrique National collectors, and Australian military historians. 47 individual rifles are covered, presenting function, design, unique elements, and outstanding questions for future research.

Background: For over a century Lithgow Small Arms Factory has independently supplied Australian Defence with indigenously manufactured small arms. This includes Vickers machine gun, SMLE, BREN, SLR, Steyr AUG inspired FR88, and the MINIMI (M249). The independent Museum, located on the grounds of the factory curates an incredible collection of arms documenting the history of design, development, and production of these arms. Many are to be found in no other collections.

Covers: •Foreign rifles sent for evaluation from FN, South Africa, Canada, UK, etc.
•Trials Rifles
•Sectionalized Rifles
•Target Rifle development
•L2A1 Heavy Barrel SLR development
•Prototypes and Test Mules
• Dual left-right charging Experimental models
•1st SLR made by Lithgow
•200,000th SLR made by Lithgow
•"The Bitch" - unauthorized short version converted to select fire
•Poyer export specimens that never made it to USA
•FN G Series
•Canadian Arsenals Limited C1 and C2
•UK Trials X8E5
•The truth about the Plum colored South African R1
•Plus 13 pages dedicated to the the last factory SLR Heavy Barrel design: the rare X3 F2A2

If you enjoy Ian Skennerton's "S.L.R. Australia's F.N. F.A.L. you're going to love this book, since the rifles are shown in detail and in color, with many rifles added!

Perfect gift for the military historian for Malaya, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, retired ADF and NZDF veterans, students of rifle development, and a must for FN collectors!

Gunplumber's guide to FN FAL Home Gunsmithing,  by Arizona Response Systems

An amazing amount of information compiled by Mark "Gunplumber" Graham in his decades of experience with these rifles.  Covers all aspects of building a FAL with your receiver and FAL parts kit. Includes tools, selecting and preparing parts; barreling and timing; adjusting headspace; tuning gas system for optimal performance; customizing; complete disassembly & reassembly, function testing and troubleshooting. Covers Inch, Metric, Israeli and Indian models. Shows the professional gunsmith how to build a rifle using the advanced tooling of a fully equipped machine shop, and also shows the home hobby gunsmith how to build a rifle with simple hand tools.  2 Volume digitally produced and edited high-density DVD Discs (5 hours). Workbook compliments DVD with technical specifications, home-made tool drawings, vendor listings, schematics, and much more. 200+ pages. 

DVDs and Workbook $65, DVD set alone $33, Workbook alone $33

Bayonet, Tubular style, for FNFAL rifles which have the Belgian/Imbel/South African type combo device flash hider on barrel. Includes scabbard with attached frog, straps which retain bayonet in scabbard are damaged or missing, used condition.



Bayonet, Tubular style, for FNFAL rifles which have the Belgian/Imbel/South African type combo device flash hider on barrel. Includes scabbard, style in below photo, new.


FAL mag loader, new

FNFAL Belgian M1 or early lugged barrel blank firing adapter (such as FN, Israeli, or early Argentine style lugs).  Very rare, only 1 here, red.

FNFAL Belgian G1 blank adapter, quick detach for G1 lugged barrel, original red paint, very good condition

FNFAL Blank Firing Adapter, Imbel, for Belgian short combo device type flash hiders and possibly others.


FAC replacement internal clamping rail for scope mount, new, $4 each.  4 in stock

FAC replacement screw for mount, new $1 each

User manual for SUIT/Trilux scope.  Illustrations and text covering operation and parts description of the scope with mount.  Photo copy of original.