DSA FNFAL with Smith Enterprises Vortex flash hider and Betamag


FNFAL / L1A1 Magazines, US Made Floorplates, US Made Followers, and Pouches

FNFAL magazine floorplate.  Black finish, marked made in USA.  New



FAL or L1A1 magazine follower, US made by Falcon, look great with black finish and marked made in USA 



FAL 20 rd mag, original military mags, refinished, look like new



FAL 20 rd mag, original military mags, with 1005 NATO stock number floorplate, refinished, look like new  **only 10 here



FAL 20 rd mag, Korean, one here, used, very good condition



FAL 30 rd original metric configured mag.  Experimental Magazine for BREN 7.62NATO, from Britain approx 1956.  As seen in the book Bren Gun Saga.  Marked:  7.62 MM.X3.E1 , extremely rare collectible mags, last ones available from importer.     **only 4 here



L1A1 (Inch) Magazine, 20rd, refinished, look like new   **approx 25 in stock


30 round BREN 7.62 NATO (308 win) mag.  Will work in L1A1 without modification.  Will work in FNFAL by modifying the forward lug on the mag.  Great shape, original British mags.


Israeli mag pouch, thick tan canvas, metal hooks and canvas loop on back, holds 2 mags, excellent with nice markings and date.  $8 each

Israeli mag pouch, thick tan canvas, holds 2 mags, no markings.  $7 each