FNFAL / L1A1 Magazines, US Made Floorplates and Pouches

FAL or L1A1 magazine follower, US made by Falcon, look great with black finish and marked made in USA 



FNFAL Austrian 20rd mag, with witness holes in rear to verify round count, excellent, parkerized, only 4 here



FNFAL Israeli mags.  Available in black painted or parkerized finish.  Israeli marked with Hebrew letters.  Original finish, new.  Limited quantity.


FNFAL Israeli mag, parkerized, with the rarer marking, new


FNFAL Original Aluminum Magazine, 20 rd, black, new        


30 round FAL mag, Rare collectible experimental magazine from 1956.  Made at Enfield.  Only 5 here.


30 round BREN 7.62 NATO (308 win) mag.  Will work in L1A1 without modification.  Will work in FNFAL by modifying the forward lug on the mag.  Original British mags.


Israeli mag pouch, thick tan canvas, holds 2 mags