FN FAL Barrel Assembly and Front End Parts

Israeli parts are on the Israeli FAL Parts page.  Inch/Commonwealth/L1A1 parts are located on the Inch/Commonwealth Page.  

Barrel Assembly/Front End Parts


New US made FAL Barrel.  21 inch, bipod cut, muzzle threaded left hand for Belgian combo devices, Stg flash hiders, Smith Vortex, etc.  Excellent condition original gas block installed, barrel is NEW.


Breeching washers(shims) to correct barrel timing and L1A1 breeching washers, new.  Please specify thickness needed, assorted sizes are available such as .002, .005, .010, .015 and .062.  For an L1A1 you will need the .062 and may need to make it thinner or add thin washers to increase the thickness.


Bipod spring, for light barrel original bipods such as G1, Stg-58 or Argentine, new


Belgian G1 flash hider, quick detach type for G1 lugged barrel, has lug on bottom for bayonet


Rhodesian Muzzle Brake.  Original rare accessory from Africa, attaches to Belgian short combo device type flash hiders or copies.  Only 5 available.


Smith Enterprise Vortex Flash Eliminator
Now available, the highest rated flash eliminator is here at GunThings!

Click here to see the videos and news updates of this incredible flash hider in action:

                  Click for Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider Video 1

                  Click for Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider Video 2

Heat treated steel, parkerized, patented design.  Compatible with SEI Direct Connect (DC) Sound Suppressor.

For FAL $70 each, For AR-15, M4, M16  $50 each.

Gas piston, metric, original


Gas piston, Stg-58, metric


Gas Block, FAL standard gas block for standard barrel, very good  Gas block pin is $3 extra.


Gas Block, original Israeli heavy barrel gas block, new  Gas block pin is $3 extra


Gas Block, original Belgian heavy barrel, new, only 2 in stock.  Pin $3 extra.


Gas Block, original Belgian early gas block for standard barrel, uses short gas plug (Israeli will work, they are in stock for $18 new).  Gas block pin $3 extra.  Approx 10 in stock.


Gas Block, FNFAL X8E2 trials rifle gas block.  Offset sight post, single ear.  Original from 1954 and extremely rare. New, includes sight post. Only 3 in stock.  Pin $3 extra.


Gas block retaining pin, new.  Specify if for standard light barrel or heavy barrel.  Diameter is the same, HB is longer.


Gas regulator, original Belgian, new


Gas regulator spring


Gas tube nut, screws into upper receiver, holds rear of gas tube and carry handle, new


Our Israeli FNFAL webpage has Israeli furniture and parts, our L1A1 pages have L1A1 furniture and parts.

Handguard, walnut, Belgian FALO, heavy barrel, new  **only 3 in stock


Handguards, synthetic, bipod cut, without screw, good condition


Handguards, synthetic, bipod cut, without screw, used, cracked, or chips in plastic, per pair


Handguard, left side only (cocking handle side), non - bipod cut, South African, good - very good condition

***If you have any South African right sides to sell or trade, please call or email!!!



Sight post, for FNFAL metric gas block.  These are new original Belgian made posts and fit Imbels, South African, Austrian, FN, etc.  Available in 4 heights.  Height is identified by the number of dots on the sight.  Tallest is 4 dots, shortest is no dot or one dot.  Most guns use a 2 dot or 3 dot post.


Sight post, fits Israeli and high gas block Argentine models (does not fit standard metric gas block), new  Medium and tall heights are in stock.  Uses special spring for $3.  No detent plate required.


Sight post spring for metric FAL


Sight post fixing plate/detent plate for metric FAL


Sling swivel screw, for barrel/front swivel, new


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