FNFAL Lower Receiver and Buttstock Parts

Metric Israeli parts are listed on our Israeli FAL Parts page.  L1A1 Inch/Commonwealth Parts are listed on our Inch/Commonwealth Parts Page. 


Buttpad, used, rubber, South African manufactured.  Fits South African produced buttstocks. $15.00
Buttpad, DSA black rubber extended pad for tall shooters, new   **only one in stock

Buttpad screw, new $3.00
Buttplate, metal, original FN manufactured extended buttplate for taller shooters, new, very rare, only 7 here.

Buttplate, metal, original Holland buttplate with swivel, used, very rare, only 3 here

Buttstock, wood heavy barrel version, new  (this stock does not use the front ferrule)     $26.00

Buttstock, wood light barrel version, new (needs the front ferrule below)    $45.00

Front ferrule, for wood light barrel buttstock, new  $10.00

Buttplate for Israeli heavy barrel buttstock. Also fits Belgian buttstock.  Inner buttplate with flip up buttplate.  Incomplete, needs gusset at corner, new.  Only 10 sets here  $50.00 per pair



FNFAL Original Belgian Walnut Light Barrel Buttstock, new.  Only 5 in stock.  Original Belgian ferrule $20 extra.


FNFAL Original Belgian Walnut Heavy Barrel Buttstock, new.  Only 3 in stock.  Original Belgian ferrule $20 extra.


FNFAL Walnut Heavy Barrel Buttstock, original, only one here.  Nice shape except indentation from buttplate could be filled.  Original Belgian ferrule $20 extra.


FNFAL lower tube for para stock, original FN Belgian manufactured, new.  Only 4 in stock.


Buttstock, Stg-58, used, light scratches (see photo), no pad, approx 20 in stock


Buttstock, humpback, synthetic, military, medium/standard length, no pad, good condition



Buttstock, humpback, synthetic, US made, black, new



Front ferrule, for wood buttstock, parkerized, Israeli, new


Falcon Arms, US made hammer, trigger and sear for FAL rifles.  Clearly marked US made.  Heat treated steel.  Counts as 3 US made parts.

Hammer pin, new $6.00
Hammer spring, new $4.00
Hammer spring tube $7.00
Joint or hinge pin, complete, both halves   $15.00
Joint or hinge pin, male half, short Austrian style $7.00
FNFAL Holland hinge pin. Has coin cut in both sides. Original, only 2 here.

Locking lever, horizontal, new, parkerized, covered with grease

Locking pin or frame lock (locks lower to upper receiver) $10.00
Locking pin guide pin $4.00
Lock spring new $3.00
Lock spring plunger new $5.00
Lock fastening screw new $4.00
Pistol grip, synthetic, black, original, good condition $5.00
New US Made FAL wood pistol grip, available in walnut  (out of stock for cherry or beech).  Ready for you to apply the finish of your choice, such as hand rubbed linseed oil.  They are limited production, marked USA on the inside, marking cannot be seen when mounted on rifle.  Also available for the L1A1. $35.00
Return spring, outer, very good $3.00
Return spring, inner, very good $3.00
Return spring, outer, new $6.00
Return spring, inner, new $6.00
Return spring plunger, new

Sear, original imported part $5.00
Sear plunger, new $4.00
Selector stop pin, new $2.00

Photo credit: Kevin Adams, L1A1 Collector & Researcher, NEW ZEALAND

FNFAL Belgian made rare rear sight base, only one here.  We don't know what it is, but this is the only one we have seen.

Sight, complete FAL rear sight with Z spring, excellent condition (screws are extra, new, $3 each, two required), small quantity of origina rear sights in stock.

Sight aperture for rear sight, early style tall aperture, dated 54 or 55, Belgian, new $62.00
Sight aperture for rear sight, Belgian, new in wrap $20.00
Sight aperture for rear sight, reparkerized $12.00
Sight aperture retaining pin, new $4.00
Sight base, 600 meter standard metric used $9.00
Sight Z or S spring, fits into bottom of sight base, ratchets against screws $4.00
Sight push button spring $2.00
Sight screw, new $3.00
Swivel for FAL buttstock, 180 degree late model version such as Imbel, Stg-58, late G1, South African, etc.  Israeli, Indian, Early FN and Canadian are different. $15.00

Falcon Arms, US made hammer, trigger and sear for FAL rifles.  Clearly marked US made.  Heat treated steel.  Counts as 3 US made parts.

Trigger, original imported part $7.00
Trigger guard, steel, parkerized, new $9.00
Trigger/Sear pin $4.00
Trigger plunger, new $6.00
Trigger plunger spring, new $3.00


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