FN FAL Upper Receiver Parts

Our complete Israeli parts list is on the Israeli FAL Parts Page.  L1A1 Inch/Commonwealth parts are available on our Inch/Commonwealth Pages. 

Upper Receiver Parts


FNFAL bolt, early FN Belgian made bolt with the one piece extractor.  FN marked.  Complete bolt with extractor and firing pin installed, new  **only 5 here   $325 each
Original Belgian manufactured FNFAL Paratrooper return spring inner metal tube for the small inner pair of springs.  Joins together the two springs and slides on the rod inside the paratrooper top cover.    $20    *limited quantity

Bolt carrier w/rattail, Belgian $75
Bolt carrier w/rattail, South African, with RA Rhodesian marking, used    *only one here $165
Bolt carrier rattail $20
Bolt carrier rattail plunger new $4
Bolt carrier rattail plunger spring new $2
Bolt carrier rattail rivet new $6

Photo credit: Kevin Adams, Rifle, 7.62 mm, L1A1 Collector & Researcher. NEW ZEALAND

Bolt hold open device, original military FNFAL metric bolt hold open, new (narrow foot, similar to model B in pic above)(Israeli manufatured)


Plunger spring for inside bolt hold open device, new


FNFAL heavy barrel carry handle.  Belgian carry handle for the FN or Argentine heavy barrel rifle, original, new

$25 each or 10 for $200

Charging handle, with knob and detent.  Refinished black. like new, with new knob.  Lug is $10 extra, lug retaining pin $2 extra.


Charging handle detent, new


Charging handle detent spring, new


Charging handle knob, black anodized ALUMINUM knob and steel rivet, new


Charging handle knob, black plastic knob and steel rivet, new


Rivet for charging handle knob, new


Charging handle lug, has notch cut for retaining pin, original, used


Charging handle lug, needs notch cut for retaining pin, original Belgian, new


Charging handle lug or detent retaining pin, roll pin, new

50 cents

Charging handle lug or detent retaining pin, solid pin, parkerized, new


Ejector Block, original, with ejector


Ejector Block Pins, one pair of long and short pins.  One pair is needed per ejector block.  Used, good condition.


Extractor, standard metric two piece version, with plunger and spring, new


Extractor, standard metric two piece version, new


Extractor plunger for two piece extractor


Extractor plunger spring for two piece version, new


Extractor, One Piece version, new


Extractor spring for One Piece version, new


Firing pin, one piece version


Firing pin tail(extension), this is the tail only for the two piece firing pin.  The needle part is out of stock.  New


Firing pin retaining pin


Firing pin spring


Gas tube nut (retains carry handle and gas tube), new


Locking shoulder, please specify size needed (oversize shoulders are available, call to discuss your problem)


Magazine Catch/Release lever, original production Israeli FAL (rounded end with hole in it), new (in the white, not parkerized)


Magazine Catch/Release lever,  FNFAL standard metric version.


Magazine release pivot screw, new


Magazine release spring, new


Top cover, original standard steel top cover, made by HK while Germany was using the FNFAL.  New.  Black painted finish with small HK stamped marking. $29

South African/Rhodesian FNFAL built by ARS Mark Graham


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