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This page, customer's rifles built from GunThings.com parts


Vintage Colt M16A1 kit with new production US made barrel with 1 x 9 twist. The barrel is manufactured by Hawkeye in Iowa using the original Colt sight base. Bore is not chrome lined, the exterior of barrel has been parkerized to match the color of the originals. Original bolt and bolt carrier are included. The original full auto hammer and disconnector have been converted to semi-auto. The full auto trigger and selector have been exchanged for new Rock River Arms semi auto parts. Grip screw, trigger guard and a couple small pins are also Rock River Arms. New buttplate is provided. The upper receiver has the barrel installed and headspace has been checked. $900.00 plus $20 shipping. Credit card is 2.5 percent extra. Only 1 kit in stock.

300 Blackout Brass.  Cleaned and formed from once fired Lake City 5.56NATO brass.  Primer pocket crimps removed.  $40 per 250 casings, $150 per 1000.

AR15 Barreling and Upper Receiver Support Tool.  Steel, heavy duty for long term use.  Made in USA.  Put in vise and silde on receiver with barrel.  Holds assembly while tightening barrel nut or can be used to support the upper while installing flash hiders, etc.  $50.00

Rock River Arms AR15 lower receiver parts set including 2 stage match grade trigger, new.  Excellent upgrade from the standard AR15 trigger.  Includes A2 grip and all parts in photo.  $160.00

Colt M16A1 hammer converted to semi auto by removing full auto hook, only 2 here. Colt markings on hammer.


Original Colt M16A1 handguards, left and right side, crack on right side, left side missing a tooth, otherwise excellent.                                                                                 $25.00 per pair   **only 3 pair here

Original Colt M16A1 handguard right side only, cracked, otherwise excellent $10

Original Colt M16A1 handguard right side only, tooth missing, otherwise excellent $10

M16 butt swivel screw, new



AR15 / M16 Mounts, Flash Hiders and Accessories

Smith Enterprise Vortex Flash Eliminator
The world’s best flash suppressor for the M16-AR15 family of firearms.  Heat treated steel, parkerized, patented design.  Compatible with SEI Direct Connect (DC) Sound Suppressor.  $50.00 for M16/AR15/M4   $70.00 for FNFAL.

Click here to see the videos and news updates of this incredible flash hider in action:

                  Click for Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider Video 1

                  Click for Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider Video 2

Sling Stud Adapter, Midwest Industries Part #MCTAR-07, standard swivel stud for detachable type swivels with weaver type clamp, high quality materials, steel stud, mount is 6061 aluminum with mil-spec hard coat anodizing, new.  2 in stock         $17.00




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